Bali Utama Tour, has been serving the tourists to know the real culture in Bali. Enjoy the scenery and get to know more about the arts and culture that is characteristic of the Balinese people.

As time goes a lot of positive response comes from my customers, demand is increasing, of course I can not work alone anymore, then I have built my team.
Almost all my friends are colleagues while working on a cruise ship first, so we really understand how to provide the best service.

Our goal is to reveal the natural charm of Bali to Ensure all customers are satisfied and have the best Bali experience and finally a make visitors love Bali as we do.

About Me

I worked on cruise ships for about ten years before finally establishing Bali Utama Tour company. I speak two foreign language English and Spanish.
I got an experience and knowledge in overseas of what tourists need to make-Reviews their holiday a memorable one.

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