Painting Class

Price : IDR 450k / 3 Hours

In this class participants are taught painting techniques by professional teachers, using oil colours on canvas. Pasticipants are then given the change to freely paint whatever is in their imagination, for example : scenery, weather

All abilities are welcome in this class, and the results will depend on the ability of participants respectively. The results of this work can be taken home.

Wood Carving, Stone Carving & Mask Maker

Price : IDR 400k / pax / 3 Hours

In this class – the balinese tradition of wood and stone carving will firts be described. This will intoduce the type of wood and stone used as an object of carving and also the tools used as such wooden hammer, carving knife, pemutik and others. Intricate carvings made in this tradition can be seen all over Bali. Then, under the guidance of the teacher participants will be taught the tehniques, and make teir own simple wood carving, which can be taken home.

Fruit Carving

Price : IDR 400k / pax / 2 Hours

Fruit carving is not foreign to the people of Bali. In bali every ceremony there are always piesces of fruit on offer to the gods, people also carve fruit to decorate their homes, and to place in their shrines and many other plaes. In this workshop you will learn about the everyday tradition of friut carving, and it’s meaning to the Balinese people. The teacher will then instruct you to carve your own sape, such as a flower out of a piece of fruit, for example a watermelon.

Offering Class

Price : IDR 400k / pax/ 2 Hours

Making canang are daily offerings made to thank the gods. The canang is the simplest made by those twho embrace the Hindu religion in Bali. However, they take time and a spirit of love and thankfulness. They are ussualy placed in temples, shops, vechiles, in shrines in the house, and in other places. In the art studio Bali Purnama, Participants will be taught how to make a canang. Each canang is made from pal leaves, bamboo, and decorated with flowers. Along with making a Canang, participants will learn about te symbolism and meaning of the canang.

Hinduism In Bali

Price : IDR 700k / pax/ 3 Hours

In this class the participants will learn about the Hinduism, history, traditions, and culture of Bali and Balinese life style. Bali daily lifstyle, including temple ceremonies and blessings. This will give pleny of opportunity for the participants to ask questions and is a unique opportunity to learn about Bali that may not otherwise be learnt as a tourist

Bamboo Carving



Price : IDR 400k / pax / 3 Hours

Learn bamboo carving at Bali Purma Studio. Our carvig instructions will teach you how to carve your own piece of art from bamboo. It may take the shape of a animal, or other decorative object. You can take your own carving home as a memory of your visit to Bali.

Batik Class

Price :  IDR 450k / pax / 3 Hours

In bali batik is very closely connected with religios ceremonies. As ceremony at the temple, as well as wedings, in this studio Balipurma participants are taught asic knowlegde sketch and coloring, and guiding by ne of the famous teacher in Ubud, then participants will given the opportuniy to do it yourself, the result can be tken home. All equipment will provide in the place.

Rindik Class

Price : IDR 400k / pax / 2 Hours

Rindik is a traditional musical instruments. The instrument is made from bamboo.

Balinese Dance

Price : IDR 400k / pax / 2 Hours

In bali dance has a very close relationship with ceremoy.in this class participants will be taugt the basic dance by teacher. The participants will be taught the basic dance by teacher. The professional dancer will teach how to move feet, hands, body and eyes.  Once the participants understand the basic fundamentals of Balinese of balines dance, parcipants will be given the opportuniy do it induvidually under the attention and with the assistance of the teacher. Dabce taught include the this class include the panyembrahme a female welcome dance or welcome dance, while the men are taught another dance called the baris dance or warrior dance.

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